To reconnect others with their most authentic selves through restoring and rebalancing their lives, health, and wellbeing.

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I created Nourish & Lift after searching for jobs that would match how I view health and wellness. After spending years searching for my perfect "job" fit, I realized that it did not exist. No one sees things quite like I do.  Once I recognized this, I worked to create Nourish & Lift to help people in all avenues of their lives. The goal is to reconnect people to their health through focusing on rebalancing and healing their emotional, nutritional, and physical statuses. 
“The first word that comes to me to describe Emily and her work is patient. She was patient with me even when it seemed like the answers were obvious, she allowed me to discover my own needs. She brought new insight to the biggest issues in my life and to this day, her words still impact me. Her intuitiveness is evident and I can tell she loves what she does. She is worth the time and investment and anyone that is considering just needs to jump in and do it!”


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I am a certified face reader with a Master's in Human Clinical Nutrition. I love all aspects of health and wellness and truly believe that through reconnecting your mind, body, and spirit, together, positive lifelong changes can occur. 

I help people see themselves for who they currently living as and give them the tools and resources to expand into the version of themselves they are desiring to become. 


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